Leader`s Fitness

Do you know that a sick soul affects your behaviour?

This book will help you detect where you are spiritually unfit, how to heal your soul to develop leadership quality skills.

Leader’s Fitness is a book given to me by God for every person involved in the ministry or anyone who wants to lead someone to Christ. 

The Bible is so clear about our healing, and one of our primary callings is to heal the sick. 

We need to be physically fit to be in the field, that is a point, but the Holy Spirit showed me that our spiritual fitness is also required because if we are not spiritually fit, it will make us weak and slow in our progression to conquer the earth. 

A sick soul will physically impact us and cause our behaviour and character to divert from God’s original plan for us. We will only manifest inside out what we are; the truth has to come into the light.              

Brothers and sisters, I believe that we live in the last days, and it is evident for us to make a radical change and align our life according to God’s purpose.

Therefore, be the man that God is looking for in this present time, and finish your tasks to help others do the same. 

Let the prayer that Jesus Christ taught us come into pass, Thy Kingdom come, and Thy Will be done on Earth.